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Herpes Transmission Possibility?

About 12 days ago I had mostly protected sex with a woman I know. Toward the end of the intercourse I drunkenly decided to forgo a condom. It wasn’t for long.

The next morning I woke up with what seems to be the sniffles, ie bit of a sore throat, runny nose etc. This turned into a cough that lasted about 8 days after and night sweats etc. Are these the flu like symptoms that are discussed when contracting HSV-2? I have had no lesions etc. what is the possibility of contracting the virus?

I ordered an IGM/IGG test but I understand that I need to retest the IGG IN 4+ weeks. Is there any value in the IGM test? Thank you.
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First, there is no STD that will give you symptoms within hours. The absolute minimum is 2 days. I don't know what caused your symptoms that night, but it wasn't an STD. I don't know if you've been vaccinated for Covid, but could that have caused your symptoms and the timing might have been coincidence? It sounds an awful lot like covid to me.

The IgM for herpes is a really unreliable test. It's wrong at least as often as it is correct. I wouldn't bother with it because you really have no idea if your test would be accurate or not.

The IgG is the test you need, but to get any kind of accuracy, you need to wait until 6 weeks, when 70% would show positive. Also, at 12 days you haven't had any genital symptoms. It's a really good chance you haven't been infected.

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I appreciate the reply. I will get retested at the 6 week mark. I don’t believe it was COVID, I had it early this year. When you read “flu like symptoms”, I at the very least had a cold if not what’s described in online resources. No sores or signs of anything in the genital, legs, perineum, or anus region. The test I had done was an Igg/Igm. If the igm comes back positive, should I be concerned? Or disregard and just wait the 6 weeks? Thank you.
Flu like symptoms, in regards to herpes, means achy, maybe a fever, some overall feeling lousy. It doesn't mean coughing, congestion, runny nose, or a sore throat (unless it's oral herpes).

You may well have had a cold or another respiratory virus.

Totally ignore the IgM. It's unreliable, and you can't trust the results either way. Act like you didn't have it at all.

Wait to test again until the 6 week mark, and that will be a good indicator for you.

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