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Herpes Transmission

Can I get herpes from smooching & body kissing & licking?
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If I need to take the test, then what’s the window
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The only risk here is kissing her mouth. You have that risk every time you kiss someone and it's more than a quick kiss.

If you don't know if you have oral hsv1 already, ask your doctor now for a type specific IgG blood test. (This isn't easy to get everywhere. The UK and Canada do not like to use this test, so if you are in either of those places, you probably won't be able to get it, though there are places you may be able to get it yourself. Let me know if you are in either of those places, and I have some places that may do it. You'll have to self-pay.)

If you're negative now, you can test again at 4 months.

Seriously though, over half the adult population has oral hsv1. If you panic every time you kiss someone, you're going to be very busy testing.
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I don’t think she had any outbreak at that time. I kissed & licked her on body only; not genitals.

But it’s said that even without outbreak, herpes can transmit
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If you are kissing someone, yes. You can get oral herpes type 1 if you don't already have it. 90% of those with oral hsv1 never get symptoms, so it's possible that you're one of the 50% of adults who have it and don't know it. You can ask your doctor for a type specific IgG blood test to find out.

Body kissing and licking - do you mean breasts, stomach, etc? That will not transmit herpes. If you mean genital, like performing oral sex, it's very rare for genital herpes to go from the genitals to the mouth. It's possible, but very unlikely. If your partner doesn't have an outbreak, it's not something I'd worry about.

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