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Herpes Zoster

My wife sustained a serious fall at work 11 months ago. Over the course of the next 5 months see experienced back pain issues which resulted in simple X-Rays and Doctor perscribed Physio. About 6 months ago see had another Herpes Zoster (Shingles) flair-up on her neck. This is something that she has experienced over the last 30 years whenever under intense stress or physical pain. Shortly after this, we noticed that she would get numbing of her feet and legs (Tingling like the feet are asleep) and what we now understand is "Girdling" (her abdominal area is tight and extremly painful)

2 weeks ago, she was directed to a Nerologist who immediately fast-tracked her for an MRI and then a MRI Brain Scan. We were informed 4 days ago that he believed it to be progressive non-remitting M/S. In passing, we informed him that she had Herpes Zoster and he immediately asked us to wait while he consulted a colegue. He returned to inform us that his colegue said that it was something that we should definately not discount, but our Nerologist has said that we should go ahead with the Interferon and now is out of town.

My wife is in extreme pain and as we aren't part of the medical community, we don't know what to do. With the information that we read, it definately sounds like a Herpes Zoster type attack but we are wondering if we should be forcing the issue to ensure that we get the correct treatment before this spirals out of control.

Does anyone have any actual experience with Herpes Zoster like this?
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As far as i know it's not likely that Shingles ( Herpes Zoster ) would keep on recurring like that, it could be she has HSV1 that has presented on her neck, I would ask the Doctor to test her for HSV ( Herpes ) if only to make it a part of the process of elimination in finding a diagnosis ......
My daughter-in-law has MS and she sometimes has odd feelings in her legs and her head she describes it as being like a washing machine going in her legs and pressure in her head .....
I really don't think it's much to do with Shingles although maybe it is possible for it to recur but from what I know of Herpes Zoster it may happen once or twice but unlikely any more than that ......
In saying that perhaps her fall has triggered something off, that too is possible ......
I hope they find out whats going on soon and she gets proper treatment to make her feel better,it sounds like she's going through a tough time :(

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Shingles rarely reoccurs -  less than 5% of folks who ever get a shingles recurrence ever get another. Make sure she gets proper testing done on this rash to confirm that indeed it is shingles. A visual diagnosis is inappropriate at this point.

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