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Herpes after Predisone 6-day treatment

It seems that famvir and lysine are not effective on the herpes that was dormat before prednisone treatment.  Does anyone have any suggestion on what may be effective?  The outbreak is In genetal area and is not severe,  
Thanks,    Tina
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From what I have read Predisone seems to activate hsv outbreaks.
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Hi also, you can download "the updated herpes handbook"  free and gives other antiviral options:


How did you test positive for genital herpes and is it hsv2 or hsv1?
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I have both tthat were confirmed through blood testing.  I am familiar with the antiviral options just not able to take certain meds.  The side effects of prednisone should list herpes submerging as side effect.  I was only taking 250 mg I think I will try a bigger dose and hope for best,
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