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Herpes and Abnormal Pap Results

I was recently dia with ghsv2 in November 2013. I had a low HSV2 value with no symptoms so I am currently getting a western blot test at the university of Washington, I had my yearly pap on Jan. 2nd and was informed it was abnormal and I should follow up with a gynecologist for a colposcopy (my internist does my paps).  I had a colposcopy and LEEP procedure in 2009 and had all normal paps up until this one. Could it be because of the hsv2? I have read that inflammation from HSV2 on the cervix can cause an abnormal pap. Also will the gyn be able to tell a difference between a possible herpatic lesion and dysplasia from a colposcopy?
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Was HPV testing done with the pap?  While it is possible for HSV 2 can cause a slightly abnormal pap, yes, the gyn and biopsy with  colposcopy should definitely be able to sort out the different.  It will be the lab test (biopsy) that will give you the real distinction about what is causing the abnormal pap.  

Let me know how that goes, OK?  I'll put my money on HPV, but we'll see.

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