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Herpes and Feeling Sick

About 6 days ago I had unprotected sex with a girl I had only just met. She said she didn't have anything, but I can't be sure. 4 days later I noticed two small cuts or openings (blisters?) on my two fingers, one on each. They are on the first knuckle behind the nail. There weren't there before and I don't think I had cut myself or anything...they seemed to just appear. I looked and they were there. That was two days ago and they haven't changed much since, even though I've been putting Neosporin and band-aids on them. They did sting, but not extraordinarily so, and they didn't itch that I remember.

The following day after that (yesterday) I began to feel run-down, almost like I had a cold or something. I felt sorta out of it like I do when I have a cold and I was sneezing at times and my throat hurt. My nose runs a little bit. I even felt a little nauseous at times. Today was no better. I slept all day and I still feel run-down and tired. I've also noticed that my penis and testicles feel very itchy at times, but it doesn't last very long. It comes and goes.

So I am wondering if I may have gotten Herpes???  Does this sound at all consistent with Herpes? I've looked into it and found out about Herpetic Whitlow. I had also fingered the girl, so that caught my attention. However, all the pics of that I have seen look more intense than what I have. Yet what I have now doesn't look simply like a cut, I don't think. They look like fissures on my knuckles. I've also read that people sometimes have "flu-like symptoms", but of course it may just be a normal cold in my case. Is it normal to sneeze and have a nose that runs with Herpes?

Beyond that question, I'd also like to know if there is any benefit to being seen by a doctor right away with this if it is Herpes? Other than being sick and uncomfortable I'm not in any great pain...so is there anything that the doctor would do that would definitely make it worthwhile to go right away? I plan on waiting and then going to get tested for STDs at some point further out, so that the tests are accurate.

Also, if it is Herpes that I have on my fingers is it safe to say I wouldn't break out in the genital area sense I have not done so already even though it itches at times? I'm hoping the itching down there is just normal and I'm making more of it. I guess the question is, would you break out everywhere all at once?

Sorry for such a long post with many questions. Your answers are much appreciated.
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usually whitlow hurts like a s.o.b.  

sounds like you caught a cold and possibly have jock itch. best way to find out is to be seen and get a proper exam done.  this was unprotected sex, consider a full std screening at the appropriate times. you can get tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia anytime after 1 week post encounter.  syhilis after 6 weeks. herpes and hiv after 3 months.

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Are all of these STDs checked for by blood tests?

Thing is I would like to go get tested but I don't even have insurance at the moment...so I'm hoping I can just stop by Planned Parenthood or something. Not sure how they do it though.
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you need blood and urine testing done to cover them all.  

yes you can get most of the testing done at your health department or planned parenthood.
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You could get a herpes bloodtest done now,and if it is negative then that might tell you that you didnt have it prior to this incident, and then if you test again in 3months... and it came back positive....??? then you would have an idea of the timeframe in witch you contracted it? if you were concerned? I think it is a good idea to know your status nonetheless???
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Would that work? Isn't there some chance that the Herpes test would come back positive now if I had caught it a couple weeks ago? I don't know if I got anything at all, of course.

I just wonder if it could possibly come back as positive now from this occasion even though I haven't waited a full 3 months.
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