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Herpes and canker sores?

I have had genital herpes for about a year now.  I am 19 years old and about 4 months ago I had a canker sore type bump on my inner lip.  My lymph nodes were swollen and the bump was painful.  It quickly healed and since then I have had  clear-like tiny bumps (much smaller than the initial bump) on my inner lip.  They are not at all painful and i can pop them and eat and talk fine..no stinging or anything. Also, my lymph nodes have never swollen after.  I have never had a fever blister and none of these little bumps have appeared on the outside of my lips.  I take valtrex daily for the HSV2...Can you give me advice to what this is?  I thought HSV1 cold sores only appeared on the outside of your lips?  Is it possible that this is not herpes related and I just have chronic canker sores?  I am terrified to kiss someone because I don't want to infect someone if this is herpes related.  Do I need to go to the doctor and get a culture? Thanks so much in advance for your help.  
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have you ever been blood tested to know your full hsv status?

How were you diagnosed as having hsv2?

I can't imagine that anything herpes related would be painless to pop so odds are this is something else going on. At this point following up on it is a good idea just so you know what is causing these.  If it's a reaction to an ingredient in a product like toothpaste or chewing gum or something, it would be easy to avoid that so that you aren't bothered by them as often.  

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I have never been blood-tested for my full status. I had sex with my ex-boyfriend unprotected (he did not know he had hsv2..i had to tell him afterwards) and I had an outbreak about 2 days after. I knew exactly what it was and went to my gyno and she confirmed it after an examination of my outbreak and prescribed me with daily valtrex.  
I luckily had never performed oral sex on him. He had performed oral sex on me, but this was prior to having sex with him.  Obviously I never let him do it after that so I don't think these tiny bumps are herpes related, but i have turned into a bit of a hypochondriac since being diagnosed because I think everything wrong with me is herpes related.  Anyways, thankyou so much for your help.  I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow am because the unknown is killing me.  
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You really need to get proper testing done to see what type you have.

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