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Herpes and your white blood cells

Does herpes disrupt your immunology in any way and if yes at during which stages and at what levels of severity?

6 days after exposure I had very low lymphocytes, then this had normalised when i had another blood work a couple of days afterwards.

6 weeks post exposure my white blood cells are 3.2 with a normal range being 4 to 10.  I'm borderline neutropenic with my neutrophils count being 1.5 with a normal range being 2 to 5. Tests after 4 days show the same deficiencies. Could this be as a result of the virus?

Still awaiting the 12th week to take a conclusive test.
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What you have going on has nothing to do with herpes. Most cases will not have an effect on white blood cells. When it does they are elivated.
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Response very much appreciated. I've had symptoms since the 3 days post exposure (protected sex with csw and masturbation with exposure to vaginal fluid).

Day 3 flu like symptoms (for about 10 days)

Day 9: this pimple like growth which resolved in 2 days(nsfw) https://i.imgur.com/UtFQ0mj.jpg

Day 13: rashes on scrotum (resolved after 3 days on fucidic acid cream) made


I've had joint pains: ankle, knee, foot and mainly thighs since then. This is unresolved 7 weeks after the fact and that along with the CBC is getting me worried. No hint of viral meningitis in there? Hiv conclusively tested at negative.

Would you be so kind to share your thoughts especially on the pictures and timeline? Note also that I've had hsv1 since childhood so a mild/atypical initial hsv2 is possible. Many thanks in advance.
Definitely not herpes related. Your risk was so small and your symptoms surely don't fit with timeline or herpes in general. First off your flu like symptoms would have started with very noticable herpes lesions. It starts with lesions dorming then fever, body aches and swollen groin lymph nodes. This can all be extremely miserable and many people end up in the emergancy room. So you getting a pimple 6 days after your flu has nothing to do with herpes. Either does the rest of your random leg issues
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I agree with the above. It does not sound herpes related.
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