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Herpes blister for several weeks?

I have Hsv2 and I'm on valtrex daily as a suppressant. For the last 6 or 7 weeks now, I've had one blister under my vaginal lip that wont seem to go away unlike the rest of my blisters that have disappeared in a couple weeks or so when they appear. It looks like a herpes blister. Has a off-whitish look to it. Now I'm paranoid what if it is another std, like Hpv or something?? I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow. But any suggestions? Can a single herpes blister hang out THAT long and while on a suppressant? I've been under a LOT of stress since it appeared.
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Hi, since the last lesion is whiteish and lasting this long it does not suggest herpes. How did you test positive for genital herpes?
Had a primary outbreak in May, had a swab test come back pos, then 2 months later blood came back positive. Not sure what this could be. I guess its not really white, but more skin colored but has that blister look.
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Was this situation ever resolved? I have found myself with a similar lesion lasting about 7 weeks that won't go away, and I was vaccinated from Hpv.
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Yeah, it definitely had to be a herpe blister. I didn't touch it, but did put abreva on it bc it was hangin out so long. Next thing I knew it finally burst open into a sore and healed up and went completely away in 2 days after that happened. Haven't had a blister since.
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