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Herpes/friction issue/fungal infection?

ok this is a very confusing one,,
male 31 very sexually active
so i left a 2 year relationship and started dating a long time friend of mine,,with in the first month we had sex many times but this one time i had noticed a rather large cut on the left side of my penis shaft it was only alittle painful to touch (obviously its an open cut) wasnt there befor,,so i freaked out and went to the doctors i had every STD test done even went for my hiv/aids blood work all came back clear,,i had the swab test done on the scab of the cut,,now i know if it were herpes it takes some time to show up in the blood and if healing may not show up on the swab culture test,,so i let that heal,,then about a month later i awoke to me jerking off in my sleep and where the skin had healed there were more cuts directly around the rim of the first cut,,(could have been re-opening the cut?) ,, so freaked out again i went back to the doctors but they would not re test me so that healed, i asked my gf who knew what was going on the hole time if she ever had problems,,she had not,,but i told her just to be on the safe side to go get tested as well,,now if i got it from her even if she has no symptoms it still should have showed up on her test after having it for a while,,if she had it that is?..her test came back negitive as well,,so another month later something happened in the same spot it started to get intchy and got progressively worse over two weeks untill i scratched so much it became raw and red i caused about 3 small cuts that scabed over right away ,,in the cases of the cuts right from the begining i never saw them as blisters so never saw any fluid come from them,,and i sought out two other doctors one had told me it was damaged skin and not to masturbate for a while,,the other said it might have been a fungal infection but is sending me to a dermatologist i have noticed that even after healing if i jerk off to much it will start to bother me,,any one got any idea's,,at this point i dont even care ive already gone thru so much,,iam just as lost as the doctors,,in the first two cases there was no pain or symptoms ,,never pain during urination ,,
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most folks don't get herpes testing as part of their routine std testing.   It's likely none of your partners have ever been properly tested for it and you haven't been yet either.

you and your partner at this point should pursue type specific herpes igg blood testing to see who has what for starters.

also start being nicer to the lil guy and use a good sex lube for masturbation! Even though you might have never had issues in the past, as we age, our skin becomes thinner and needs to be treated more kindly :)
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are you being kind to the lil guy and using a good sex lube when you masturbate?

have you and your partner only had lesion cultures or did you both also have type specific herpes igg blood testing done too?

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no i almost never use lube,,and i only had the lesion culture test,,iam not sure how they tested her ,,but i know she had two test done over the last year, i dont think they do the igg blood test here,guess ill find out when i see the dermatologist in like 6 months,,thats just a ridiculose time to wait,,id say it could be type one i guess,,but none of my partners in the last few years have ever had any problems and were tested,,hmmm
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well they told me thats what they were testing me for,,and i sent my gf to get tested for that because that was my main concern,and when i contaced my old partners i told them that was my concern so iam sure they would have gotten a test for that ,but i will ask for that test even tho from what i read there isnt much point in that test due to it only telling you what type you have not were you have it,,unless i show positive for type 2 they need better testing for this,,urgh,,but thanks for the input :) this has been very difficult for me
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no blood testing won't tell what you have where but it's a start to finding out what you and your partner have in the relationship in general.   hsv1 genitally tends not to reoccur this much so if you only test + for hsv1, odds are it's oral , not genital even if you can't recall ever having had an obvious cold sore.
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this is very true,,thanks alot for your advice :) iam going to continue to get test done till i figure this thing out,,i dont think its type 2,,but hey i could be wrong,but hoping for the best
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hi grace i just wanted to come back with an update,,so since my last posting my symptoms have not gone away,,,its been so constant it started itching back in june !!,,i ve seen the dermatoligiest,,she had mentioned she didn't think it was an std and mentoned that it looked like it was bleeding at one point and gave me some betaderm ointment,,i am going back in to see her for a biopsy in two weeks ,,so i do have a follow up question ,,do you think herpes would effect someone like that i know its different in many people but,, constant? i still haven't even fully healed from the last cut i have gotten a few weeks ago and the itchy and sensitive skin have not gone away,,maybe a day or two here and there but that's about it,,so when it was at a bad point the pulled the skin and noticed that  there was 3 tiny bumps spaced out, touching them directly i noticed these are definitely the cause of the itch and sensitive skin around them and are a little painful to touch or just that sensitive ,,they don't break on there own and i cant even see them unless i pull the skin and get close,,but i did squeeze them to see how easy they would break,,it wasn't easy and they made a snapping noise when i popped them ( i know this is never recomended but its getting to that point i need to do whatever i can to help figure this out),,didn't really notice anything come out of them,,this has been going on for almost a year now,,i have other sexual partners and have been careful using condoms,,but wouldn't it spread to another person it they were touching it alot? because there has been no spreading to other peoples skin that have touched it? ,,god i cant wait for this last test to know what is really going on
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nope, herpes won't cause constant symptoms like this.

glad you've seen a provider who seems to want to get to the bottom of this for you :)  

no picking and prodding!!!

keep updating - it really helps others see that yes indeed it is worth following up on things and not just assuming that if it's below the waist, it has to be herpes :)
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so another update,,, i have seen the specialist twice now,,and i noticed little bums on my wrist and hands (backside) this was weeks ago before i seen her, didnt think much of them,,but just before i saw her the second time i noticed a strange rash growing up my left arm,,i googled what the rash looked like and i found that it looks exactly like scabies,,when i went in to see the specialist the 2nd time i showed her the rash,,she immediately thought it was scabies,,i took the medication (pesticide cream 5%?) and its been about 3 weeks since my last visit and did the treatment then,,my rash is just about gone,,and my symptoms have gone down drastically,,but now it seems i may be suffering from post treatment,,i got 3 small pimple like bumps on my shaft again i noticed the itch coming on in the evening last night so i applied a tiny amount of cream there then the itch went away ,,i found the bumps to be just out side the area i applied it to,i strached them off and they have almost healed fully in just the day,,i really "think" me and the doctor are right that this has been the cause the hole time,,now just to get the bumps /pimples to stop!!!,,hope iam not reinfected and its just post treatment,,i would never thought you could get this and it acted this way,,i could see how it was easy for me to think it was herpes,,,well iam still on the fence about that really,,but it looks like scabies was the cause
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did you do the cleaning of your bedding and such that you are supposed to do too?
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yep i washed all my clothes and bedding when i treated my self the first time three weeks ago,,tho i didnt do my couch,,err :/  i dont think its a very bad idea to wait a few days and maybe treat my self one more time?,,do everything all over again,,i just got another bump/pimple this morning, 5am it woke me up from the itch/ sensitivity,,,sigh i would just like this to stop,,its been 8/9 months of this every few weeks almost like clock work its starting to wear me down mentally, clearly its put a hold on my sex life,, i stopped dating till i knew what was going on,,here iam a almost year  later and still dealing with this :(
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I'd go and be seen and see if indeed this is scabies again or not before I retreated.
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