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Herpes from Lips kiss

Hello there
I have made a mistake twice in 2 weeks I am so bad. and feeling guilty because I cheated my wife and wont ever do that again.

1st time 2 or 3 weeks ago I had a sensual massage and the lady game me a nice hand job can you get anything from her hands or the oil bottle that she used and touched after finishing her previous customer? or if she had fingered her efore touching me?

2nd time 2 days ago I went to see the sex worker 2 days ago and had protected blowjob and vaginal intercourse. No problem there at all

but I kissed her lips. It was not a deep kiss (passionate kiss) or french kissing and no tongue was involved as you do with your wife or Girlfriend it was just on the lip for 1 or 2 secs. Am I gonna catch any STD or Herpes or HIV?

I am really freaked and wont ever again going to see the prostitues days are harder after having sex with them.

Please reply
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With protected sex then no issues with bacterial STDs, nor from the handjob.

Without any symptoms, then herpes is also extremely unlikely.
thanksfor your reply. Not even herpes from kissing? room was dark not sure if she had any sore outside or inside here mouth.
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With no symptoms, then most unlikely an infection occurred.
i dont know if it is a coincidence but I had little pimple kind of stuff on my upper lip and lip was swollen but that kind of pimple i have had in my life before as well and i pressed the pimple and it  disappeared and swelling going down aswell.

and i guess thats not herpes because herpes cause pain and discomfort and discharge liquid?

no itch no pain i felt.
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