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Herpes from lip gloss tester

I tried on some lip gloss at a sephora recently.  I tried it on with an individual applicator but there is a chance I used the gloss aplicator and not a disposable.  It was a saturday 1.5 hours after the store opened.

I actually thought better of it immediately and wiped it off my lips thinking that someone may have still contaminated the gloss by redipping or using the product applicator itself rather than the disposables.

1.  What is the chance that hsv-1 can be transmited in this scenario?  If used individual applicator.  If used the product applicator.  The store had not been opened long and it was the am.
2.  How long does hsv-1 live in lip gloss at room temperature?

I am worried after reading the LA Times
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of all the germs to worry about from using in store cosmetics like that, herpes is not one of them.

I never sample cosmetics like that. It's worth just buying something you think you might like and if you don't like it once you have it at home, either return it or toss it. Too many other germs on them to worry about.

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I appreciate the response.  You are right to never use testers.

1.  Could you give me a little more information regarding why there is no risk of HSV-1 transmission from using a lip gloss tester under the scenario that I described?  I rubbed the gloss off my lips.

2.  How long does hsv-1 live in lip gloss at room temperature?  Would it be viable over night?  Would gloss dilute any saliva making it hard for HSV-1 to live in the gloss tube?

I ask because there was a recent article citing dermatologists stating that in addition to e.coli and staph also herpes was found in testers.  Are there other viruses you can get?

This really concerned me.


Many thanks.
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you aren't going to get herpes from just applying it to your lips. It takes the heat and friction of romantic type kisses to infect adults with hsv1 orally.

stand in a sephora for about 20 minutes in the make up section. you'll want to vomit when you see the way folks use the testers.

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Grace.  Thank you.  Do you think you can get mono from lip gloss tester?  A week after I got mono which prompted me thinking about this stuff.
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no, that's not likely to happen either.

by the time we are in our 40's, 90% of us have ebv virus. it's very common and most of us get it through kissing.    In folks who have it, it reactivates periodically and sheds to be transmitted to others.  

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1.  Regarding the HSV-1, do researchers know why in adults they do not get HSV-1 via indirect contact like lip gloss?  I assume you are saying that children and adolescents do get it from indirect contact?

2.  As an adult is it more likely to manifest symptoms at primary infection whereas as a kid or young adult the primary infection might be without sypmtoms.

Thank you.
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