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Herpes from receiving oral sex

I had a sex worker perform oral sex on me, un protected. It has been 3 months, and I am noticing blisters on my penis, and one nickel size red mark that appears to be turning blistery on my thigh, close to my testicles.  HIV test, and other Std panel all have been negative from 4 weeks of exposure.  Swollen glands in the groin have been pretty prominant, and have subsided.

Is this Herepes?

if so, is it HSV 1 or 2?
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What is your own HSV-1 status?

You need to get the symptoms cultured at a professional. Cruising around on the intertubes while you have active symptoms of ANYTHING won't help your cause. Get seen so a professional can look at them.

This is unlikely to be related to your oral sex thing, but you should get HSV1 and -2 testing done just so you know what your baseline is.

HSV-2 is, for the most part, genital to genital contact, so it couldn't possibly be that.
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N.B.: It wasn't HSV2 from the oral encounter. You could possibly have HSV-2 from some other encounter, though.

Get tested and get this stuff looked at.
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