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Herpes from single lip contact

Hi i met a guy. We were having body play. He was kissing mu cheeks. I was avoiding lip to to lip contact as i have herpes fear.
One point he force me to kiss on lips for 5 sec immidiately i moved. but i could feel that he has brushed his lips me on my left side of lower lip for say 5 sec as i felt wetness there may be saliva. Then i left him but next day morning i feel numbness on that area which still there even after 2 days. I hope i have not got herpes 2 months back my all std report came clean. Now i regret fir this 5 to 10 sec lip contact.

Please comment has any one got herpes from short contact
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While it's possible to get herpes that way, it's not at all likely, especially if he didn't have any sores. Herpes also wouldn't cause symptoms that fast. My guess is that your anxiety is playing tricks on you, and I don't say that to diminish your symptoms - anxiety can do real things to our bodies.

If you aren't already, please talk to someone about your anxiety. (I say this with compassion and not criticism.) Your fear of herpes may not go away, but you can learn coping skills for living with anxiety to make things easier for you.
Hi thanks for your answer. True the symptoms went last week again after 5 days i feel the same. Do u think in herpes this happens???
I keep feeling numb on the lip one side for 3 h then it gose again after 4 days i feel the same. No visual sore or anything.
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Have you had any sores? Without sores, this doesn't sound like herpes symptoms.

This sounds like anxiety to me, but if it lingers, see a doctor. Be sure to talk about your anxiety while you're there. You don't have to live like this.
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