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Herpes help?? No one will read :(

It has been almost 10 days since my UNprotected sexual encounter. It was brief no more than 2min but I'm thinking less than 1 before I decided not to without protection in fear of conception. However afterwards I did not shower until the next morning, It was a one night stand with a women that is known for this type of thing. -_-    
Symptoms are :
•24hrs after I was itchy in my genital region
•36hrs in I felt an irritation at the tip of my penis that was subtle and felt as if a feather or a light finger was just there , nothing more than a subtle touch but I do notice it almost all day - aswell as a skin tag looking thing at the bottom of my scrotum , idk if it was there previous
•Took a hot tub with high chlorine content to hopefully settle my nerves and I didn't notice anything really
•Afterwards was itchy as previous but thinking chlorine had to do with it ,
•After a day or so the itching basically stopped and the penis tip irritation subsided except for a dripping feeling like as if I'm leaking but no urine is leaving
•Cold tip of penis and for the most part looks normal even now
•HOWEVER day 8 or 9 I started feeling an itch and irritation of my Anus and now being day ten when I sit after 20mins it gets warm and feels very dry and an irritating itch
•Self inspection it was red and looked as almost porous or little bumps inside the anus but I don't know if I am seeing pores or maybe herpematic lesions they were small but seemed almost not normal but also have never viewed that region my stool also seems to be of a few red lines but have been eating spaghetti and red sauced based foods each day
•Penis continues to drip feeling , scrotum gets slightly itchy when sit with legs close together and pressure them aswell as occasional feeling of a pinch at the tip of penis
• no issues during urination or the other #2 lol
•Someone also thought day 7morning my eyes looked a little yellow
•Have been to clinic for testing awaiting results but I went 2-3 prior to anus issue
• also my neck seems at the bottom front is sore when touched but I also am in a judo class and was lifted a lot by my neck and stuff a day ago
• feel tired but could be loss of sleep through worrying

Any advice or am I just being a head case? Because I can be that guy who is told that an itch is on his nose and then 45 min later my nose is itchy for an hour
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I'd suggest stressing over this is your biggest issue. Most visible problems in that area are caused by fungus and bacteria. Most STDs cause no visible symptoms externally.

If you have concerns then take action to get STD tested at the appropriate windows. A week is enough for Gon, Chlam and Trich, then at 12 weeks get tested for Syph and HSV.
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Hi, if your sex was unprotected vaginal then your butt issues would not be related to the act. Now could you already have herpes prior and your having a recurrent outbreak in the butt area, maybe and only test would confirm.
Topical itching issues are most often fungal related.
Dripping is a symptom of a prostate enlargement or if you do have an std like chlamydia, it could be our sphinkter muscle retracting from an urethra irritation and then relaxing allowing the urine to drip out.
Do let us know the test results.
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I have only been with one woman for 4years as we were both virgins that met in high school , this would be my first outside encounter and the sex was vaginal and would the neck soreness in that are be considered a lymph node::: I have taken blood tests , her penstock and gon chlamydia , I'm awaiting the results but have been reading that the herpes without a culture present there is no way to test it ?

Thank you for your responses aswell as I will post any results  , I appreciate your counsel it helps my mind lay at ease

If at all possible do my symptoms mirror a herpematic issue and or a different std

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They really dont match any symptoms of either.
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