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Herpes help

Hello and thank you.
I've been experiencing a lot of itching and burning on my pubic area. It started a few days after I had sex with someone that did not disclosed she was hsv2 positive. It's been going for a while, I haven't had any blisters,sores, bumps or anything like that just itching and burning. We had intercourse sometime late July . Dermatologists can't find anything and keep prescribing me steroids with no effect. Also tried some antifungal creams with same results and I'm still here. I was tested with igg test in dec 19th and both came back negative HSV1 & HSV2 igg. I don't know of if the test is correct or maybe false negative but my condition has not changed. Any suggestions or ideas? Thank you
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You tested negative, and the tests are very reliable. You can trust that you don't have herpes.

What do you have? Well, obviously, I can't say for sure, but perhaps it's anxiety and stress from all of this, or an allergic reaction to something. Try changing soaps or body washes or whatever you use. If you use something scented, try unscented. Even if you haven't changed products, maybe your product changed formulas.

Try unscented laundry detergent, and make sure your underwear is 100% cotton. If possible, try all white underwear. You may be reacting to a dye in your underwear.

Just keep trying and working with your doctors until you find what's causing it.
Thank you for replying back,
I changed just about everything from soaps, detergent, underwear, even put a filter on my shower head. I know it varies by person but how this virus work? I guess if it's itching and burning how long does it usually take for the rash or sores to come up? I'm just trying to get informed. I saw my dermatologist yesterday and he wants me to go see a urologist. Urologist and dermatologist are way off as far practices go. Thank you
It doesn't matter how it works - you tested negative 5 months after the encounter, and those are conclusive. If you got herpes from that encounter, you'd have tested positive.

You can 100% rule out herpes as the cause of your symptoms.

Is the burning and itching inside or on the skin? If it's inside, I can see why a urologist is needed.
It's on the outside, where the penis trunk meets the pubic area. Yesterday I put some aloe vera with lidocaine HCL and it helped. I don't know if that is a good thing or bad. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it. Thank you.
Well, lidocaine numbs, so that's not really surprising that it helped.

I'm not sure why you are being sent to a urologist, except that maybe the derm has tapped out her knowledge, and thinks maybe that a urologist will have some new ideas.

You are negative for herpes. It's not that. Let us know what the urologist says, though. I'll be interested to hear.
Barrio, the same thing happened to me after I had sex with a HSV2 positive female.  The burning and itching lasted for over a year and a half, but as time went on it lessened.  Hopefully for you it will do the same.  I am now dealing with sciatic pain down the leg, that started as back and testicle pain, but that may or may not be related to the HSV2.  But I am absolutely positive my burning and itching symptoms started right after intercourse with her and she swabbed positive for HSV2.  I also had burning sensations in my nerves throughout my body, as well as severe constipation during the months following the one-time intercourse.  

Like yourself, I have never tested positive for HSV1 or 2 by IgG and still haven’t to this day almost 2 years later.  Doctors told me the same things as well: change your soap, underwear, laundry detergent, even to drink cranberry juice.  Nothing helped.

The only thing that truly helped in the end was just allowing my body to get a hold of it I guess you can say.  That is my experience with HSV2.  Take it as you will, I  not trying to diagnose you or anything like that, just simply sharing my journey.
I think allowing your body to just be and rest is good advice.

Make sure you have ruled out all other possibilities - any sciatica, back injuries, pinched nerves, etc. Those are real and valid possibilities that you'll want to rule out, or treat if you have them.

You've ruled out HSV medically and clinically, like RainyDay. Maybe it's an allergy you haven't been able to pinpoint. Maybe it's stress or anxiety. Maybe you pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve during sex. You may never know, like RainyDay.

Hang in there.
So urologist did not help, he said a dermatologist since is skin issue.  What should I do now? Should I retest agian? I'm doubting my results. I put some aquaphor last night to see if that would help but it didn't. The itching and burning is driving me crazy. I don't want put lidocaine again, I want to find out what I have and not patch things up. Any advice? Thank you
You can test again if it eases your mind. I don't expect it to change. If it doesn't change anything, then find another dermatologist.

I'm sorry there are no easy answers for you. :(
How about taking valtrex 500mg a daily? Would that be a good idea? Thank yoo
You can try it, but valtrex doesn't help with itching and burning. Those are nerve issues, mostly. It helps heal and prevent outbreaks, and prevent transmission. I don't see any reason to take meds you don't need, and you've tested negative for herpes.

I understand your frustration. Give it a try if you want to, but I don't want to give you false hope.
So just to understand the virus. When does the itching and burning happens? Is it caused by the blisters? I guess what I'm trying to understand the process. So let's say I have the infection. The itchy and burning skin is because of a blister/s? The reason why I'm asking is because you said valtrex is only for outbreaks and if I understood this correctly outbreaks cuase the itching and burning? Or the itching and burning cuase the outbreaks? Keeping in mind you have to be positive. Would you mind explaining this a little better? Thank you
The itching and burning is usually either a nerve response during and after an outbreak, or on the skin when you have an outbreak, similar to when you have a cut or scrape.

Herpes infects nerve groups, and genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia. The reason some people get neuralgia (pain due to an irritated or damaged nerve) is if a nerve is damaged during an outbreak. You can't get that without an actual outbreak.

Other itching and burning can sometimes come during an outbreak, but that's just like having any other sore on your skin, similar to if you fall and cut your knee. At times, it may burn or itch as it heals.

I hope that helps.
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What about the possibility it is a different STD? Maybe your partner did not only have HSV2. Just a thought. I'm no expert at all.
Like what? The skin apparently looks really good that what the dermatologist said. I thought that maybe I had something else but the dermatologist did not find anything. He confirmed everything from Genital warts to crabs to pretty much everything. Anything that you cam think of?
Have you been tested for other STDs? If you haven't been, you should be. I agree with Rikki - you need to just rule it out. We are giving you alternative possibilities, as you have tested negative for herpes. You have symptoms of something, and it's important that you start looking to other things.

Have you tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU? Those aren't likely, but you should test for them to be sure.
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