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Herpes hsv1

Hi, Its been 65 days I had unprotected sex with a woman two times. One in periods and once without periods.
I am having excessive pain in my lips mouth and cheeks and as I can notice my skin is drying out from arms and waist making small patches.
Excessive dry lips i am having.
I am scared i am having herpes 1.
How much time this burning sensation will be there before outbreaks happen?
I m also feeling slight fever.
Skin of face is coming out slowly.
Please help . I m dying of fear
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This doesn't sound at all like herpes, and herpes wouldn't affect your arms and waist. Have you seen a doctor? You could be having an allergic reaction to something, dermatitis, eczema, a fungal infection, or a long list of other things, and herpes would be way down my list of possibilities. It could all be totally unrelated to your sexual activities.

There is something called burning mouth syndrome that you should google - it's an allergic reaction.

If you get a type specific IgG herpes test, it shouldn't react to any other antibodies. Don't get an IgM test - that might react to chicken pox antibodies.

Just go see your doctor and get some help. Even if it is herpes, not getting seen by a doctor won't make it go away. I really don't think it's herpes, and if it isn't, you've wasted a lot of time suffering in fear.

Let me know what the doctor says.
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I went through all forum questions and it made me really sad. We are in 2020. But still we are getting false positives and equivocal. Looks like a scam to me to test again and again for the profit margins.

I m really sorry for my words but I dont think medical field has done any advancement in herpes field.
At 3.5 also you guys are asking to test again for false positives.
We as patients are totally confused by medical theory.
Few sites saying 2-12 days you will get outbreaks and few are going 6 months.
I think person will be testing again and again and still he wont b sure.
I m really sorry of my words but thats what i feel right now.
I m sorry regarding my frustration. Just getting too much burning above lips and bit on face . A feeling of seroconverting is killing me. Just waiting for outbreaks to come.
Do herpes cause your face to go totally dry so that skin comes out a bit?
Finally I have started getting two rashes on my cheeks. My face was burning like hell with lips and mouth. I think there is non other than herpes. My rest of the body is fine only everything on face is affected. Is this herpes sign?
One more question... do herpes sore comes slowly one at a time or it immediately fills your face and mouth?
A sore has just started in my mouth
Actually, we've made a lot of progress regarding herpes. We used to have no blood tests at all, and had to rely only on cultures to know if we had herpes, and cultures are only good if we have sores present, and those had to be done within 48-72 hours of sores appearing to be any kind of reliable.

We also had the huge Valtrex study in 2004, where we learned that herpes can be transmitted without sores present, and that a bunch of people don't get big, bad ugly sores when they have herpes.

Yes, testing has flaws. It's frustrating. But if research dollars are limited, I'd rather my money go to curing pediatric cancer or HIV or something before herpes, ya know?

A rash on your cheeks isn't a sign of herpes, nor is a burning face, lips and mouth. That sounds allergic, not herpetic.

In all likelihood, your entire face isn't going to be affected. You might have some sores in or on your mouth if it's your first outbreak, but you aren't going to get sores on your cheeks.

You are way past the point of typical initial outbreaks. I have no idea why you are so freaked about oral herpes, something you may already have from childhood, but just test if it's available where you are. About half the adult population has oral hsv1.

If this type of anxiety is not new for you, and I suspect it isn't, you should talk to someone about it, like your doctor or a counselor. Also talk to your doctor about your symptoms and allergies.
I did seperate tests for hsv1 IGG and hsv2 and the values came as 0.95.
Am i positive?
Or am I seroconverting for enough antibodies?

I am still having burning sensation in my cheeks, area between lips and nose and in chin.

Could you help me with my test results. What do they mean?

I never had this much of burning in my life ... just wondering if i m seroconverting.
Its 0.95 for both and over that this harsh burning till my jaw.
The results for both were .95? Your results gave you separate values for both hsv1 and hsv2, and they were both exactly .95?

If you did a type specific test, it would read something like,

HSVI IgG 0.95
HSVII IgG 0.95

The results won't say "HsvI&II .0.95"

Is your doctor doing these tests or are you getting them from an online site? If you are, what site?

I've already said that I think the burning is possibly an allergic reaction, something like burning mouth syndrome. Have you talked to your doctor about that?

It came seperately. Above also I hav said that it is seperate. Two values i got. Both same.
Oh interesting. I've never seen that before.

Your symptoms still aren't indicative of herpes.

You have some choices. You can retest at 12 or 16 weeks. You can get a Western Blot at 12 or 16 weeks, if your doctor will order it and/or you have insurance or can self-pay. If you don't have a doctor (you don't seem to be answering that question), you can go through Terri Warren on her site - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/getting-a-western-blot/

In either situation, you'll have to wait until enough time has passed, and I'd still see a doctor about your mouth, or at least try to narrow down what causes the symptoms. Track what you eat and drink (and smoke, if you smoke anything), and see what increases those symptoms if you are still having them.
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One more question.. do herpes test can respond to any other antibodies in the body giving false positives?
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