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Herpes in Urethra

Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever had an outbreak actually inside the Urethra and how it felt like.
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Herpes outbeaks are not always visible and can be inside the Urethra,also in women they can be as far up as the Cervix ..... I imagine if it were in the Urethra it would have similar feeling to anywhere else tingly,itchy and painful or irritating during urination.
Please if you are concerned that you have put yourself at risk don't spend time agonising about it for weeks and weeks go and get tested you may be making something out of nothing ...... and most likely the more you think about it the more weird sensations you will feel all stemming from what an overactive mind is doing to you.

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Yes thank you for the reply, I have gotten tested but its too early, I have to retest.

Hi, I am a female and they found hsv2 in my urethra after two weeks of agony trying to urinate. No one knew what was wrong with me, It was as if there was something blocking me from starting, and as I tried to wait firm my body to do it, it was really painful and uncomfortable. Once the stream started I had to prey it didn't pause, as if I did then it would be another round of uncomfortable pain trying to get it to start again. The antivirals they gave me had it cleared up very quickly.
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