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Herpes infection with negative test

Since 7 years I had a risky encounter

started to have all the bizzarre symptoms after having a PROTECTED sex ... yes protected .. and thats driving me crazy .. my symptoms :

1- wierd nerve sensation all over ( burning- muscle twiching- bugs crawling etc)  and it is all over my body. It was in my lowee limb at first. But later it invaded upper limb.
2-Shooting and stabbing pain in genitals and groin area
2- Nausea-Loss of appetite
3- Abdominal pain
4- feels like to sleep all the time
5-bumps on my fingers( Which is think herpes whitlow but my gp diagnosed it as Dishydrotic eczema)
6-fatigue ( which is the worst. I have no energy at all)
7-Loss of intrest in most activities inluding sex
8- blurry vission
9- sinsitivity to light  
10- frequent discoloration of my penis. Everytime i show it my doctor, they say there is nothing abnormal.
11- Depression
12 -sleeping for  more than 12 hours a day :S
13- My head feels jerky. I cant make it stiff

now .. after 10 years.. i still have some symptoms.. like the burning sensation and other nerve probs,, and abnormal skin lesions ....I want an answer.. I did herpes blood test 5 times from 2015 till 2019 it came negative...now I came across a man in this forum who came back negative with the igg test but after doing western blot he turns out positive! Is that possible!!!!! If so, then That western blot thing could have an answer for me...im suffering alot to the point I cant get married because im afraid of passing this to my wife... Please tell me where else can I find western blot lab other than USA because Im from the middle east
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I don't know who tested positive on the western blot after testing negative on the IgG, or how long after the exposure it was, etc., so I can't address that.

Herpes wouldn't cause any your symptoms.

Herpes infects nerve groups. Genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia, which means that if you get genital herpes, your symptoms will be limited to the area covered by boxer shorts. You wouldn't have blurred vision, tingling all over your body, neck symptoms, head symptoms, depression, loss of sex drive, sensitivity to light, etc. None of that would be a result of herpes.

Some of that could be caused by depression, or by low testosterone. You should ask your doctor to do some testing for hormones to see what your levels are.

Herpetic whitlow is more than just bumps. It's very, very painful, and it's blisters on your fingers. Most people who get whitlow are dental professionals who have their fingers in people's mouths. Have you ever googled pictures of this? It's nothing like Dishydrotic eczema.

I'm not a counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist, but it seems like you have a pretty significant depressive disorder. You absolutely should talk to your doctor about that.

The chances of you getting herpes from a one-time, protected encounter are about 1 in 10,000. The odds of 5 tests missing a herpes infection, and the chances of you getting it are so low, so I hope you really consider getting some help. Herpes is not what is causing your symptoms, but you deserve to find out what is.
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I really realy appreciate your help
So you don’t  think I need to do western blot test?
The reason why I associate this with herpes because whenever I have flue or got sick I would have pins and needles/burning sensations in my penis and underwear area
I see no reason for you to get a western blot.

The tingling that's associated with herpes is usually prodrome, which is a sort of warning sign that a herpes outbreak is coming. If you have prodrome, you'll get a herpes outbreak within 2 days. If you get tingling and no outbreak, it's not herpes.

Loads of things can cause that sensation. If you're dehydrated, have prostate issues, have a spinal cord issue like an inflamed disc or pinched nerve, stress, anxiety, a hyper-awareness of the area, etc., you could feel sensations like that.

What are the abnormal skin lesions you mention? Has a dermatologist ever seen those?

Don't do yourself a disservice and only focus on herpes. You could have something else entirely and will miss it if you only focus on herpes.

You have 5 negative tests following protected sex. You don't have herpes. Continue to work with your doctor to determine the cause of all of your symptoms, but it's not herpes.

Yes I never has blisters or ulcers
Only had discoloring skin and some annular lesions of which being diagnosed as lichen planus
Problem is i searched I came across many positive herpes patients who had similar neurological symptoms all over their body not only before ourbreak but everyday
There is something called post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN), but that happens after a herpes outbreak in people that have herpes. It goes beyond a tingling sensation in their genitals usually, but PHN can happen, though it's rare. These people definitely have herpes - they've had outbreaks, positive tests.

Your tests say that you do not have it.

There are loads of things that cause nerve sensations. You should work with your doctor to find out why you have them. It's not herpes.
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Yes I never has blisters or ulcers
Only had discoloring skin and some annular lesions of which being diagnosed as lichen planus
Problem is i searched I came across many positive herpes patients who had similar neurological symptoms all over their body not only before ourbreak but everyday

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