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Herpes on chest?

Hi, im a 25 yr old male and have been otherwise healthy until three months ago. It started with two sores in my mouth, which were visually diagnosed as probably being herpes. These sores have since spread to around my face (upper lip, under nose and chin). The latest symptom has been a sort of rash on my chest, starting in the middle and working its way outward. It is only painful in the center of the rash. Also, the rash is difficult to define as per borders and has a few red bumps fer and far between. My question is, could this or is this related to my facial herpes? Should I be going to my GP or wait it out?

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Why wait?  I'd go now, and I'd ask for this to be cultured, and your doctor needs to stop guessing, and actually do some testing.

You can ask for a type specific IgG herpes blood test, too.

Herpes wouldn't be spreading to your chest.

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   There is a good possibility that you have developed shingles. Which is the same virus that causes chicken pox. It can lay dormant for years and just pop up with no reason or cause. (but normally a lowered immune system will help bring it on)  Yes the virus is a herpes virus. I would still see your Dr as there are medications to help clear it up.
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