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Herpes on scrotum?

OK - I could only give this information anonymously because it is sort of embarrassing. Sunday night (less than 48 hours ago) I "hooked up" with a couple I met on craigslist. There was no homosexual contact, I did receive unprotected oral sex from the female and had protected vaginal sex with her as well. I was assured by the couple before I even got there that they were certain of their sexual health and knew they had no STD's. I was also certain of my sexual health before the encounter as well because I had recently been tested and do not sleep around normally.
During the vaginal intercourse I did not see any lesions on the man or woman. I am sort of paranoid about STD's so I tried to make certain I made no genital skin to skin contact with her that was not protected by the condom. I am fully aware that spread of herpes can occur to the unprotected base of my shaft or scrotum. This morning I looked at my scrotum and noticed a sort of irregular shaped bump on my scrotum right in the middle, nearly an inch below the base of my shaft. Upon closer inspection there appears to be a hair emanating from the bump and it appears to be two bumps converged together that gives it the irregular shape.
On even closer inspection it looks like there may be a hair visible within each bump, I even shone a small flashlight through the bumps on the stretched out skin of my scrotum, almost like looking at the embryo of an egg (lol) and it again looks like there is a hair within each bump. I was nearly certain that they were in-grown hairs so to alleviate my concern I decided to try and pry the hairs loose with a pair of tweezers... For some reason, maybe the hairs are deeper than I thought - or maybe there are no hairs at all - I was unable to find hairs within the bumps. It is most likely ingrown hairs but since I was unable to locate the hairs I cannot be certain.
The red bumps are painless and sensation less, though there feels like a slight amount of pressure when I stretch the skin out (much like an in-grown hair).
My concern stems from the nature of the encounter - Craigslist, strangers who I have never met and may feel no obligation to be honest with a stranger about their sexual health, and now being unable to determine with certainty that they are, in fact, ingrown hairs.
What do the experts think? Too soon for a herpes lesion to present? Unlikely infection given my precaution with condom and avoiding non-protected skin contact? Or no, most definitely herpes, go to a doctor?

Thanks for your time and sorry for the lengthy question and graphic detail.
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Hi, thats not an area where herpes develops as the skin is to thick and not many nerve for the virus to enter.
Also using the condom and with no visible sore from her, the odds that this is herpes is close to zero. Also 48 hours is really to soon for sores to develop and since there are hairs growing up the middle would appear to be inflamed hair folicles.
If you concerned have a doc swab them. Since your swinging you might want to be tested for herpes anyway for the other people protection as often there are no symptoms with herpes.
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Wow. Thanks for the lightening quick response. Like I said I had recently been tested and "swinging" is not a normal thing for me.
Your statement that herpes does not develop in that area is contradictory to everything else I have read on the internet. It does not appear to be uncommon to get genital herpes on your scrotum. Again, I agree with you that this is most likely not genital heroes but it is nice to have the expertise of professionals to apply to specific incidents.
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I endorse comments made by Life360. The scrotum consists of very thick skin and few nerve endings within. It is also quite difficult to rub the scrotum area away from the shaft. I'm not sure where you are reading about herpes on the net, but I assure you, scrotum only herpes is very rare.

I'd have to agree though, the risk of there being an STD present or HSV seems above average. Oral sex represents exposure to HSV1 if the giver has HSV1, that is, oral cold sores.
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"I'd have to agree though, the risk of there being an STD present or HSV seems above average. Oral sex represents exposure to HSV1 if the giver has HSV1, that is, oral cold sores."

Explain this comment to me if you would...
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I would think it is a good idea to consider testing after this encounter. Maybe I have a bias against people found over the net who claim to be STD free, plenty of stories on here to attest to that.

If there was any HSV risk in this encounter, then it would much more likely come from receiving unprotected oral sex from someone who has oral HSV1. In all instances though, infection per encounter is incredibly low and you used protection for the vaginal sex.
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Thanks for the advice. I will take it to heart.
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