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Herpes on the feet ?!?

I've read a forum where someone said they had herpes on the feet and no where else, is this possible? If so, what strain of hsv would it be? Do herpes on the feet always break open and ulcerate? Sorry for all the questions , I just wanna be more educated about this virus. There is so much conflicting information about it on the Internet.
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Hi, yes its possible to have an outbreak on the feet. Most often it would be hsv2 but could be hsv1  but foot outbreaks are not common do to the far location from the sacrum ganglion.
Okay so how common is it for children ?
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Children dont have hsv2
Okay so unless a a baby was born with herpes, it is almost impossible go a toddler to have herpes on the feet correct?
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Yes, to get herpes in the feet it would be in the genital nerve area so there would need to be sexual contact to contract it.
Thankyou so much for your quick response and reassurance .
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