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Herpes or Bed Bug Bites or crabs!?

I am currently in Thailand and have been struggling with an itchy rash for about 5 weeks now.

I had unprotected sex whilst out here with a fellow traveller (I know stupid) and I noticed I had servere itching after about 2 days or so later around my groin area, so much so I changed my shorts in the night to help it.

When I woke up the next day, I had red bumps all around my Pubic area and on my groin going down all the way to my quads. I also had the rash on my back and on my right elbow and on my left knee.

I went to the doctor and she said she believes it to be bed bugs but now I’m not so sure as it’s taking quite a while to heal.

I have nothing on the penis, no bumbs or anything on the tip either. So I’m hoping that might be a good sign that it’s not herpes.

The rash started off as small red bumps that I could not help but itch, the became small scabs as I itched them, but are slowly fading away. However, it still remains itchy in the groin area, I shaved all my pubes off just incase it was crabs too!  

The bumbs are now a colour of my normal skin but slightly redder. I have not really noticed anything too bad about my health whilst I’ve been away. It doesn’t hurt when I **** or have a discharge from my penis.

Appreciate anything that can go on this, as I’m praying I haven’t caught herpes!

Thanks in advance.
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This isn't herpes. Herpes wouldn't cover this large an area and wouldn't last this long.
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