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Herpes or Folliculitus

I could really use your help in determining whether or not I have herpes, folliculitius, or both.

I had protected sex with a woman in South America.

Two days later, I had a large pimple in my pubic area. It would not pop that day, but the next day it did, releasing typical white pus. The day after that, I accidentally cut the pimple while shaving with a disposable razor that I had been using continuously for over a month, leaving a noticeable gash. The area was already a bit swollen because I may have applied too much pressure while trying to pop a pimple in this sensitive part of the body.

Approximately a week after the sexual encounter, I noticed a small blisters in the area around the cut, which had not begun to scab. They did not look like pimples, but more clear. They seem to stem directly from hair follicules, but it's possibly that some are not. The whole area is about the size of a quarter.

Over the next few days, these blisters began to scab normally. When I woke in the morning, I would find the area covered in a thick, white pus, with some golden remnants.

Now, approximately ten days later, the original blisters have largely scabbed, but the original cut still has not fully healed. Surprisingly, I woke this morning to find a few new blisters.

I went to a clinic that specialized in men's health a few days ago, and the doctor told me that he was almost certain that it is folliculitis, but could not say definitively without a blood test.

A few other notes: I am currently traveling South America, and will be getting a blood test next week. I had not had sex for four months before this encounter. One day after I cut the pimple while shaving, I was in transit for a full 24 hours before reaching my next location. The day after, I had to wake up early, and walked heavily in jeans, and I do a lot of walking in general. The region of the infection is not on my penis, but on the right side of my pubic hair area. Since the initial cut, I have not shaved, so hair has continued to grow in.

If I have an infection from folliculitis, the area is sensitive, and I am doing a lot of walking in tight clothing, is it possible that the blisters are due to friction? I have photos from each stage, but don't know how to upload them here.

Thank you sincerely,

Scared Traveler
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Hi, do to the location and nature of the irritation i would also agree its not suggestive of herpes. Air can act as a barrier for herpes entering the nerve.
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I mean Hair can act as a barrier for herpes entering the nerve
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