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Herpes or Ingrown Hair

Okay so to start off I have had unprotected sex a few times. I know this is stupid but I never experienced any outbreaks or anything afterwards. This week I was on my spring break and noticed a bump which seemed normal because I have very curly hair and get ingrown hairs all the time. I popped the bump and could see the hair deep inside but couldn't get it out. I had unprotected sex with two guys that weeks but it was after the ingrown hair appeared. A day or two later I pulled the hair out and it's now kinda like a sore. I know this isn't from the two guys from spring break because I found the bump prior to sleeping with them. This is the first time I have had something like this so I'm hoping it's just an ingrown hair. Can anyone give me any advice? There is only one bump and it seems to be heeling fine. Since there was a hair in it I'm hoping it was an ingrown hair. I also think it just got irritated because it is right on my panty line.
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This sounds simply like an ingrown hair. Herpes would appear on your vagina and be multiple sores upon first infection.
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