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Herpes or Pubic Abscess

Hello all,

I recently discovered a mass in my pubic region (about an inch above the base of my penis) that resembles some big zits that I have had on my face. As such, I proceeded to pop this zit, resulting in several breaks in skin (it looked as if multiple "whiteheads" had emerged and burst). Some white-yellow-brownish pus like substance discharged, followed by minor bleeding. I also removed the hair follicles that were rooted in the mass.

I woke up this morning with two small cuts (or ulcers) on the still visible, but smaller mass. There is no pain when I touch the ulcers, but mild pain when I press down on the mass.

Moreover, about a week and a half ago I had two large bumps on my neck (that resembled bug-bites) and a rash on my right shoulder. These have since subsided but I wonder if the rash is a symptom of herpes in relation to the mass in my pubic area. The rash and mass are likely unrelated but I am uncertain.

There is no burning sensation when I urinate, and I always use a condom when I have sex. From my limited research online, the mass does not resemble any herpes "clusters" or the like.

I will see my doctor on Wednesday but would appreciate some preliminary insight/thoughts. Thanks.
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Certainly follow up with medical attention. However you are describing what are probably a collection of probably unrelated symptoms that almost certainly are unrelated to herpes.
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