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Herpes or Yeast Infection

Hi. I've recently discovered that herpes blisters or sores can come in the form of a "cut." I'm trying to determine prior to my medical appointment if the single abrasion is related to herpes or a yeast infection. Any advice or experience would be helpful.

I've taken antibiotics recently (within a few weeks) and have an untreated fungal infection of the skin called tinea versicolor. And I've experienced a cut (more like a very small brush burn or break in the skin) with no blood or clear fluid. It's occurred twice in the past two weeks, and looks the same each time. It's located where the crevice of the labia majora meets the mound of the mons pubis. Both times it's appeared following an extraneous workout. So I'm hoping it's a break in the skin from the friction and sweat. Also, both times it's healed the following day.

I was wondering in anyone's experience is this a sore from the herpes virus or a yeast infection or fungal infection of some kind???
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Hi, what your describing would not appear herpes related at all as most often when one blister/razor type cut appears it opens and spreads the virus to the immediate surrounding area in a cluster type grouping and they dont clear up in a day, but they can be quite small and be mistaken for something else.
But considering youve taken antiboitics and mention it appears after a workout, it would really seem more connected to that.
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I hope you're right. I'm probably worrying over nothing. Thanks for your response.
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