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Herpes or anxiety

Got blackout drunk on sept 2nd. Not something I've ever done before. Found out sept 9th that a girl at party was trying to hook up with guys and had herpes. I don't remember anything from that night and not even sure if anything happened. But I have convinced myself that something did.

Sept 2nd (possible exposure)
Sept 10th tingling/burning in pubic area
Sept 26th bug bite looking bump (kinda faded away and turned purple ish after like 4-5 days
Sept 27th I went and had an igg blood test done and it was negative (I know too early at 3 weeks & 4 days but just wanted to have it done)
First week of October sometime a few tiny blood colored looking patches under the head of my penis. Every now and then they gave me a little discomfort mainly when they brushed against my boxers. Plus I was constantly thinking about it.  
The end of sept beginning of October I kept soaking in the tub atleast evey evening & sometimes multiple times a day. First few times with epsom salt. Not sure if this cause of the red patches. My glans did look a little dry and maybe even some inflammation. Not sure if I gave myself some kind of infection from all the baths I was taking. And wasn't drying off good enough. I hadn't taken a bath before then in yearsssss. I put a little hydro cortisone on it for a few days and seemed to have cleared up. Even now there are tiny tiny little spots but are not blood red anymore. I did have some pain in my penis one night while going to bed. Every now and then even now I feel little discomfort feelings/itch there.

Now from today and the past 2+ weeks I have had muscle like pains non stop in both legs. All the way from my upper thighs inside, back, and fronts, all the way down to my feet. It's mainly been in my right leg. I have had this constant discomfort in the lower part on the crease of where my groin and leg meet underneath on the right side and also under my right butt cheek. I have had pain in my lower back and sides. And I have had like muscle twitches in both legs only
When laying down relaxing.  I have had an itchy anus on and off since beginning of the month. And for the past 2-3 weeks I have had a few little bumps on both inner thighs. I have always gotten ingrown hairs and pimples on my inner thighs. But not sure if I've ever gotten this many. But I've also never checked that area out constantly to the extent that I have been now. I have not had any sores or blister looking ones. I have never had any fever. Other then on my thighs I have not seen any other bumps. And I have had a few bumps all the way down to my knees.  I have also had diarrhea on and off for the past month or so (thinking it's from anxiety)

I'm going to have another blood test done on Nov 1st still a little early but that'll be 2 months and 4 days.
I know there's more I'm leaving out. Could my anxiety really be causing me to think I'm having leg pains. Like psychosomatic symptoms. And can you have herpes bumps all the way down basically at the knee. This post was kind of all over the place. But I have literally thought about this every minute of everyday for almost 2 months.
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Btw On sept 26th the bug bite looking bump was on my right lower thigh
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I was also just on antibiotics 3 times a day for over a week because I had sinus surgey. And also had some strong antibiotics thru my iv before and during surgery.
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I hope you don't mind me saying that it is like you are analyzing your body every day watching for herpes to show up.  Like you are a little obsessed with it.  You haven't said things that make you think it sounds like herpes.  

Here is an older post from someone who knows what they are talking about with regards to testing: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Herpes/HSV-2-testing-window/show/2853801

So, you could get a near accurate test now or wait the full time to test.  You do sound really anxious and I would have to assume a lot of what you are feeling is due to that.  Our mind makes us feel things.  

When you get your official negative through testing at the right period, you have to put this fear behind you and consider help with anxiety if you can't.  
Yes I can't wait to put this fear behind me. Think I'm still going to test this week just for a little peace of mind and then again after the 3 month mark.
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Once you test, when you get your final negative----  you have to move on from the fear.  If you find you can't, then you should talk to a doctor.  I see a lot of people here where their anxiety just won't let them let it go.  Don't let that be you
Thank you! I'm trying not to let it. I can't wait to put this behind me. I still have just over a month til the 12 weeks. I'd be fine if it wasn't for these constant leg pains or whatever they are. I'm just hoping it's from my SEVERE anxiety & all the reading and research I've done. Thanks again.
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Your not alone man I'm dealing with the same thing you kind of sound like me everything you said I can relate to! It's been 13 months for me and my hsv2 igg test is negative but I deal with that same burning sensation that doesn't let me look past it and I cant move on its driving me crazy
I was going to get tested again this week but think I'm just going to wait til the end of next month at the 3 month mark. Im really hoping this is just all in my head. It's driving me crazy, I don't know what to do.
Im dealing with the same thing.
Since i had 2 negative igg test. Im trying to put everything behind. Having burning genitals, went to dermatologist and prescribed me clocortolone it does help with the burning sensation. Doctor told i probably have contact dermatitis.
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