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Herpes or genital wart?

I notice this on one side in opening of my vagina can’t see without zooming in on camera. it feels very irritatied and sore does not burn when I pee or hurt just fees sore and itchy I did have yeast infection had thick discharge no order got yeast from taking Cipro.https://imgur.com/a/aPTqtLD
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It’s not easy to see but I would go to an urgent care clinic TODAY, don’t wait to have it evaluated. Ask for a swab of the sore. It looks like a bit of a cluster, so getting it looked at ASAP is the best course of action.
Did you recently have oral or vaginal sex?
I just want to add that doesn’t look like genital warts. It could be related to the yeast infection but it’s syspe enough to get it looked at today.
I had oral and intercourse bout 2 weeks ago  not protected but I had irriatation doctir checked me for chlymdiA and gonnerah came back negative but she said my pee look dark like I had infection she put me on Cipro after last day I was itching and had lot watery white discharge , she said I had yeast infection from Cipro this was Wednesday I’m still dealing with this  she gave. Me two doses of flagyl I’m still feeling irritated and I only feel irratition on one side  
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Here’s another picture it’s inside the vagina hole does not burn to pee https://imgur.com/a/H6DVkLG
I would definitely get these looked at today. They do look like a cluster of small blisters from the image but in person, a clinician will be able to assess them better and swab them.
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