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Herpes or inflammation

Since November 2012 to today i have had 3 occurences detailed below which are strange and puzzling.
When i masturbate i dont use any lube and generally i grind my self against my bed as im lying flat on my belly.
I often masturbate but in those 3 instances when i woke up i found that a small area on the right hand side of my penis head looked inflammed. Each occurence has been in the same area. When i look at it closely it looked like globules of red inflammed and slightly raised areas of skin, some look like thin red lines. But they are definitly not spotty looking. It doesnt hurt and it doesnt itch. The area does feel slightly tender sometimes but very hard to notice. When i proceed to rub it the area gets more inflammed and pronounced and then if i squeeze it i get a little bit of clear liquid coming from the area (i only did this in two of the three times its happened) and when i use tissue to wipe it its got a very light yellow colour to. These globules are more visible after ive had a shower.
Anyway they disappear litterally within the same day - after a few hours even and i get an area of dry skin covering it (not a scab). Those are the first times ive ever noticed it and i'm a person who normally checks his testicles regularly.
I took a video of one of the times i had it and squeezed it for the small liquid to come out. (not painful at all) when i showed it to a GUM clinic staff (the day after the occurence) she felt it may be herpes. But she couldnt explain why as she looked at it that day (which was the next day) she couldnt see anything other then dry skin.

In general my penis head can become quite dry and the skin can peel (especially after the episodes described above). If you have email i can show you the before and after on the same day, literally after a few hours.
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Nothing that you have described sounds anything like herpes to me.  I'm not clear why your doctor thought it might be.  

It sounds like simple irritation or possibly a fungal infection that is very mild.  I would try using some very mild soap and for now, masturbating in perhaps a different way that allows the skin to calm down a bit.  And quit squeezing the head of the penis to see if you can get something out of it.  Most men will have a little clear discharge if they squeeze and squeeze and it is usually urine or a little pre-cum.  

if you are very concerned about herpes and wish to get an antibody test, please do.  But everything you've described does not sound like herpes to me.

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