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Herpes or ingrown hairs?

So I have an issue and I cannot tell whether I have razor burn/folliculitis or genital herpes. This past Monday I shaved my pubic region before going to see my girlfriend, which I do once every few weeks with some mild irritation every time as I have very sensitive skin. I have hair EVERYWHERE, even some that grows on the lower shaft of my penis, so I shaved all of it with a new electric razor. Immediately after shaving I could tell I got a little too close in certain spots and irritated the skin. I then met up with my girlfriend several hours later and had unprotected sex as we always do because she is on birth control. Right after sex, I noticed my pubic region to be somewhat irritated and hurt a little, no itch though. I had 4 little red bumps, 2 on the right side of where my shaft meets my testicals, and 2 on right at the base of my penis. The next day the bumps were much bigger and hurt a tiny bit but nothing crazy. The day after that (Wednesday) I noticed the bumps had opened up like sores and had a tiny amount of clear liquid in the opening. They were a little sensitive but didn't hurt or itch. They stayed like that until Friday when they appeared to being scabbing over, except everytime I shower the scab seems to come off even though I'm avoiding touching that area. There seems to be a little black spot on each one but I can't tell if that is an ingrown hair or scab. My girlfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for about 2 months and this just happened now. She was tested for STD's back in the fall but I'm not sure if standard STD tests account for herpes. The bumps have not gone down in size yet and still have what seems to be a hole in the top of them. They keep starting to scab and then undoing itself. I am absolutely terrified it is herpes. I'm trying to make an appointment with my doctor but can't until Monday and have been freaking out all weekend so I was wondering if I could get an opinion. A side note, I get ingrown hairs all over my body on a regular basis so I'm hoping that this is just a really bad case of that from shaving and having sex right after.
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Standard STD checks do not check for herpes. It is a very specific test and you have to ask for it in order to take it.
What you are describing could be herpes. There is absolutely no way of saying what it is via net. You have to wait until Monday unfortunately.

Both you and your girlfriend have to be tested for HSV-2.
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thanks for the feedback. Right after posting this I went to the clinic where the doctor told me he didn't think it was herpes but I asked him to test anyways. He took a culture of the sores as well as blood. I got a call a few days later saying that the culture tested positive for HSV-1. Since then I have been doing tons of research and having a plethora of questions and mixed feelings about the situation. I'm surprised that I have an HSV-1 outbreak on my genitals given the fact that I've had cold sores since I was a kid and most information claims that it's highly unlikely to contract HSV-1 on the genitals if you've already had it orally. I did receive oral sex every time I went to see my girlfriend, which is the cause of HSV-1 transmission to the genitals, but she claims that she's never had a cold sore. A lot of what I've read says that the majority of people don't even know they have it or have any symptoms. Basically, a lot of the information I'm reading and my situation are somewhat contradictory so I'm left just feeling very confused.
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