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Herpes or run of the mill boils?

For the last few years, I've been getting boils in my groin and and on my butt.  Typically, they form along my butt crack (for lack of a better term) or in my groin (usually to the side where my thigh touches the groin area).  I've looked up a lot of info on herpes and my problem doesn't quite seem to match the photos or descriptions I've found for herpes.  For one thing, these boils leave scars that take a while to go away and I've found several sources that say herpes blisters don't typically leave scars.  Also, these boils vary in size between a pea and a dime.  What I've read seems to indicate that herpes blisters should come and go within 7 to 10 days.  Each one takes 2 to 3 weeks to form, drain, and heal...often leaving a small abcess under the skin that goes away within another week or so.  I am obese and I smoke...2 factors which I've found cited as a leading cause of boils.  I've found that if I sit for a long time, these boils are more likely to appear so I've started to be more active and I've also lost some weight.  Also, I'm trying to quit smoking...  However, the boils are still coming on.  Also, they seem to come on shortly after trimming/shaving my groin area as well...often forming a hard not around a hair follicle first...but sometimes looking more like a pimple before coming to a head.  I've never discussed this with a doctor but I suppose that I should.  I am currently unemployed and do not have insurance so I can't pay to see one, though.  I'm mainly looking for peace of mind here...is it more likely that I have herpes or just boils?  Would a herpes blister typically leave a hard abscess or a scar after healing on the surface?
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good for you with the changing your eating habits, losing some weight and trying to quit smoking!!!  Always good things that your health will benefit from greatly :)

At this point you have 2 options - 1 - pay the $100 through healthcheckusa.com or tstd.org for a type specific herpes igg blood test if either of them have a participating lab near you ( generally cheaper than blood test at doc office if you don't have insurance ) or 2 - wait until you get a return of symptoms, be seen within 48 hours of their appearance at your local health department clinic or planned parenthood type clinic ( or of course your regular doctor ) for a lesion culture and typing.  I think you should rule out herpes for peace of mind considering the location of these.

herpes lesions on non-genital sites like the groin and buttocks will take much longer to heal and can leave scars. the skin there is more keratinized so it takes longer to heal.  Not telling you this to scare you by no means, telling you to correct the info you've found so far for you and anyone reading this post.  

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Is it normal for a herpes lesion to leave a hard pus-filled abcess under the skin for a while after it heals on the surface?
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