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Herpes or something else? EXTREME ANXIETY-pls help

So about 3 months ago I had unprotected sex (not to my knowledge until afterwards) for about 5 minutes. It was my first time having sex (I was a virgin) with a promiscuous guy. It was a stupid decision and I regret it but I was really drunk and didn't know what was going on. I also gave him unprotected oral sex. He told me before we had sex that he was tested for everything including herpes and was negative. A couple of days after having sex my vagina was REALLY itchy. Like the itchy where I couldn't keep my hand out of my pants but I didn't notice any sores and the itching went away within two days. I assumed it was just a yeast infection that I never treated. Now, about 6 weeks later, I notice hundreds of tiny (like head of a pin, tiny) nude colored bumps underneath the skin all over my vagina (meaning labia minora). They're very shiny and kind of feel like sand granules underneath the skin. I also have a tiny bump that kind of looks like a pus-filled pimple right at the opening of my vagina on the bottom. It doesn't itch or hurt or anything and is very small. It has been present for over a week and hasn't popped or scabbed over or anything. I also have something that kind of looks like a wart on the top of my anus. It looks like a piece of skin kind of and is skin colored. I also noticed some tiny flesh colored bumps under my tongue and on the side of my tongue. I called the guy I had sex with and asked him if he had been tested recently and he said he had last week and tested negative for everything including herpes. I am planning on going to the gyno some time next week but am having serious anxiety about the whole thing. I am SO worried because I am only 19 years old and have my whole life ahead of me. I feel like my life will be ruined if I have something that can't be cured. What do you guys think?
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GO TO YOUR DOCTOR. This is the only way you will feel better.

I think this is most likely one (or a combination) of three things: herpes, HPV (human papillomavirus), or sebaceous glands. All three of these are not life-threatening, and can be TREATED. HPV (which seems the likeliest culprit of your unhappiness), is often suppressed by the immune system in less than a year, but medication/creams/interferon injections can speed this up even more.

Men can't be tested for HPV, so don't hate on this guy too much.

Everything works out in the end. Medical science is not perfect, but we have excellent and effective treatments for almost everything. So take a deep breath, do something you enjoy. And keep that appointment with the gyno.

I hope everything goes well. Feel free to contact me with more updates on the situation or if you hvae more questions
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Turns out I have nothing :D The area was just irritated from having sex without lube my first time. I am SO relieved you have no idea. Thanks for making me feel a little more at ease when I was freaking out though :)
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