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Herpes or something else???

Hello all! I am freaking out about a problem downstairs. I have an appointment in two days but I really don't want to wait around freaking myself out even more. Back in mid-September I had unprotected sex with a friend of mine that I had slept with in the past. I asked him and he has been tested since then (including a type specific igg test for herpes) and everything came back negative. Around the time of us sleeping together, I started getting these red tender bumps around my vaginal opening. They aren't painful and they don't bust open or ooze like herpes seem to do, but they are tender and burn a little when they are rubbed by tight bottoms or I wipe after peeing. I kept putting this off as razor burn because they usually always appear 3-4 days after I shave. I've had 6-7 of these "outbreaks" in three months which is why I'm convinced it's not herpes. I shaved six days ago, had sex five days ago, and I got bumps four days ago but this time feels worse than normal. I'm extremely itchy which I haven't experienced in the past and it burns a bit when urine runs over the bumps. I looked harder down there and found some tiny paper cut likes scratches. I don't know what to think. PLEASE help.
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Although not overly suggestive of herpes given the circumstances, I would be seeing a doctor for a diagnosis here. It could be nothing much at all, but things like molluscum, scabies, and HPV are possibilities to eliminate.
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