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Herpes or strep?

So about two weeks ago, I developed a sore on the inside of my upper thigh. A day or so later, I began developing sores near my anus. They are red and crust over before starting to heal. Not too itchy or painful - just kinda annoying. Midwife was concerned about herpes, did a swab (results not due for 4 days), and prescribed Valtrex. I saw my GP and asked for a second opinion. I asked about the possibility of strep, as the day before my husband was diagnosed with strep he performed oral sex. GP said it could be a possibility and prescribed Amoxicillin.

I have GAD and waiting for test results is nearly killing me. Wondering if anyone can provide some insight?
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Hi, strep is something they should be able to swab for and get results quickly.  I will tell you though, when you get a strep or staph on the skin, it usually would take some time to spread to blood stream and then erupt through skin in multiple locations.  I think you should wait for herpes test.  But . . . how would you all of a sudden have herpes?  You're a married lady. Have you talked to your husband about this?  
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