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Herpes possible on scrotom near rear 1 bump chancre had puss

Hey all,

Recently saw a sex worker.

Noticed my lymphnode acting up on right thigh, inspected scrotom and found lump that looked like it had puss.

I popped it now looks like a chancre.

Unprotected oral, she did lick my scrotom and then protected sex for about 3 minutes.

Kinda scared here.
Went for tests and awaiting answers but very nervous.

The 1 dot and location on the scrotom seem uncharacteristic.
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Unfortunately, popping it means that if they cultured it, the test might not be accurate.

A chancre is a syphilis sore, not a herpes sore, and that's a round, open, painless sore - not something you'd be able to pop.

What is the timeline here? How long after the oral did you get the inflamed gland and sore?

Have you ever had a cold sore or know if you have oral hsv1? What kind of testing did you get done?
So after approx 1 week.
I had it swabbed about 4 hours after I popped it. Was still juicy. The sore has since healed and ive been able to squeeze some puss out here/there, now just looks like a bump on my scrotum.
Never had a cold sore before.
That was on Thursday night, they said within 48 hours id receive a call if positive. I have not received a call as of yet.
Also has a full sti bloodtest set done and awaiting results.

The location was odd, inbetween thigh/back of scrotum.

Ive had 4 doctors all look at it and say " doesnt look like herpes"

4 doctors? That seems excessive, but if 4 docs don't think it's herpes, it's probably not herpes.

That said, absolutely do not wait for a call. I've seen too many test results get lost, or "misplaced", or are on someone's desk while they're out sick or on vacation. Just call to confirm it's negative.

My guess is this is not herpes, but I understand the concern.
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