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Herpes risk

Gave blowjob to a man who might have herpes I dont know his status he also gave me oral and my throat has been sore since then its been 20+ days and I notice like 3 small fluid filled bumps on the roof of my mouth theyre very small and not painful. My tonsils arent swollen but the skin thats infront of them is red. It doesnt hurt to swallow but it feels like i have something stuck there. I also noticed a small ulcer on the right side. Should I be concerned its herpes or another std?
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Herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth, but the timing is really good for syphilis, though the symptoms don't sound exactly right for that.

You should go today to get them checked out, and cultured for herpes and get a syphilis test.

Let me know what happens. Don't let them visually diagnose you. Insist on actual testing. If they do a herpes culture, make sure it's a type specific one.

Good luck!
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