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Herpes-skin tags

I have been diagnosed for herpes last year....recently I have noticed what looks like skin tags on my vagina. My doctor has agreed they are skin tags but has said they are viral infection and related to herpes? Is this correct? She has prescribed some lotion which should burn them off? I'm now concerned as all internet sites indicated them to just ben skin tags which occur after pregnancy....which I have not been? Confused!!!
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I have a feeling that your provider means that they are hpv . Did they give you aldara to put on them?

Hpv and hsv are 2 totally seperate viruses.  Personally I"d be very upset if my doctor couldn't come right out and say that I had hpv - it's never ok to lie and try to sugar coat anything   for a patient .  Skin  tagsare not caused by a virus. They do not need treated. You should consider a 2nd opinion elsewhere to be honest.

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