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Herpes sore from massage

Hello everyone. I am 26 M. 2 days back I went to a massage parlor. I was naked but the lady was dressed. The lady gave a handjob. After the handjob she used a hot towel to wipe the semen in my body. Today I have a small bump near the genital hair area. It is little itchy. When I shine my phone light. I can see the bump. Please let me know if I have contracted genital herpes from the lady's hand or the towel. I am really scared. And I regret going to the massage parlor.
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No, this can't be herpes - it requires direct, unclothed skin to skin contact - oral to genital, genital to genital or genital to anal.

Did you use any oil with the massage? Perhaps you have a clogged oil gland or an infected hair follicle something. Keep an eye on it, looking for any redness or swelling, or if the area gets warm. I wouldn't be worried at all. You had no risk for any STIs, including herpes, and should be fine.
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Thanks for your response. No did not use oil for the massage. She used hand soap liquid for the handjob/massage. Also the hot towel to wipe by body.  The sore is similar to a follicle. But it is inflamed.  It is little irritating and I have to constantly check the sore using my phone light. Please let me know.
You should get this checked by a doctor if you are concerned, but it is not herpes.

You don't "have" to constantly check the sore. Let a doctor look at it. If you are constantly looking at it, you may be keeping it irritated. Leave it alone and let a doctor see it.
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