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Herpes sores after 3 weeks?

Hi. Would just like to ask a question on genital herpes. I will outline the events below.

- 21st February: First visit to a commercial sex worker. She performed protected oral on me and I found out that day I suffer from premature ejaculation. The protect oral ended within 20 seconds.
- I washed my genitals immediately after the session but only with normal bath soap.
- 23rd February: Went to a urologist who specialises in STDs. Took a blood test as a base line to see if I had caught herpes elsewhere while being asymptomatic before the incident (Test came out negative). Doctor put me on a 3 day course of valacyclovir (1000mg, twice a day = 2000mg/day) as a precaution. He did warn that there is no conclusive evidence showing the effectiveness of early valacyclovir treatment eliminating the herpes virus. But for a paranoid individual like me, anything was worth a shot.
- Started taking L-Lysine supplements.
- Did not experience any symptoms but did notice itching around the area (Like I said, I am a very anxious and paranoid person so I am not sure if this was self-induced)
- 14 March: Today marks the 3rd week since the incident. While sitting down, I suddenly realised a small area on the right underside of my penis feeling sore. The area was a little red but no visible sores. I am circumcised and the area that is sore is the portion where the foreskin meets the non-foreskin area (sorry, not good with medical terms).
- I did masturbate a few times between the end of the 2nd week to today. Not sure if it caused irritation but I was not very rough. I did not masturbate with lube though. I usually don't and have never encountered such a problem.

My question is: Is it possible to develop sores 3 weeks after exposure?
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When infected with HSV, the nerves at the site of entry to the body are infected. The virus travels through to that particular nerve ganglion and potentially down each branch. However it cannot spread to other ganglions internally.

Hence if you receive oral sex and happen to be infected, then only the genital region is infected and this is where any sores would appear.

This is all academic for you as there was no practical chance of HSV transmission and lack of symptoms, particularly for a HSV free person, confirms this.
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Do you already get, or have ever had, oral cold sores?

Either way this is essentially a zero risk event. I am totally surprised that a doctor would prescribe antivirals with out symptoms. That seems to only feed your paranoia surrounding infection. The antivirals cannot possibly prevent the virus taking hold in the body. That either happens at the time of the incident or not as the case may be.

There is also no need to take l-lysine tablets. These are not required and do nothing for the vase majority of people with HSV.

I am afraid your imagination has run away with you. You were not at risk for any STD.
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Thanks for your reply but I'm a bit confused. If i was a recipient of oral sex, is it possible for me to get oral cold sores from the incident?

Also, I have never gotten oral cold sores in my life. The blood test I took 3 weeks back for hsv1 and hsv2 came back negative so my body wouldn't have any antibodies against the two strains of viruses.
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Thanks for the information mate. Really helps to put me at ease.
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