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Herpes statistics

Not so much a question but just a conversation I guess about herpes Statistics... I have been reading this forum for the last couple of weeks and even answered some questions on here... One thing that I find myself to be skeptical of is the statistics that are given about people who have herpes... Supposedly one in five people have genital herpes and anywhere from 50% to 85% of people have oral herpes... I guess I'm just a little bit doubtful that that many people have this virus... I've read different sites online but no real evidence of the statistics being true... Just wonder if any of the posters on here would have any insight into how they arrived at these statistics... Especially the genital herpes statistic...  If 80% of the people who have it don't know they have it how can someone else know they have it... I have been reading a lot about the virus not just on here but other sites to educate myself about it and I think I know quite a bit about it but the statistical part of it kind of puzzles me...
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