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Herpes symptom?

About a week ago, I started having a burning sensation only when I would urinate. I also noticed the same day or so that I had a small bump on my shaft near the base of my penis. It had a black (ish) dot in the middle and I assumed this was an ingrown hair. It was painful and more uncomfortable than anything else. I tried to pop it and guide the hair out but I’m not aware if I saw a hair or not. It bled a little and left an open wound. It’s been healing since and now has a scab over it and has decreased in size dramatically and has not hurt in days. Only the first two days or so were the most painful. The burning sensation while urinating has also almost completely subsided. Does this sounds like herpes symptom? I have had urethritis and ingrown hairs before, but not at the same time, which is why I’m more concerned than usual. I have had unprotected sex recently and I’m going to get tested for STD’s tomorrow, but they don’t include herpes. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Here are two images of what they look like now. Again, this is about a week they appeared. Bear in mind, it is graphic since it’s on the shaft on my penis. Also, something I forgot to mention, I have been applying neosporin on it.

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You don't mention any sexual activity you've had, and the time frame of that in relation to the symptoms starting. That would be really helpful.

Your sore doesn't sound like or look like herpes. You should stop doing anything to it from now until you see the doctor in case they look at it. Let them see it naturally. It probably is an ingrown hair that got a little infected. Popping sores or picking at them isn't a great idea, as it can introduce bacteria from your hands, and if there is ever anything your doctor can do, popping it or squeezing it ruins that chance.

The urethritis sounds like a possibility. When you go to the doctor, make sure you haven't urinated for at least an hour prior to your appointment.

Let us know what happens.
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