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Herpes symptoms

I stupidly had unprotected drunken sex, three days later I notice a red area on my penis, next day I felt intense burning in my butt, penis and inner thighs. A number of tiny bumps appeared within the red area, but never became blisters, three months later they remain unchanged. I continue to have nearly constant burning symptoms in the tip of penis and anus mainly, for three months, and U am experiencing nerve pain in both legs down to my toes. At the start of this I did have flulike symptoms, I tested negative for all stds at three weeks, could this be herpes?
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Unchanged bumps are unlikely to be herpes and continuous issues also don’t point to it. I hope you had the bumps evaluated? Could be HPV but that is usually pretty distinct in appearance. A 3 week HSV test is far too early. You will want to wait 12 weeks for a type specific IgG test.
Doesn’t sound like it but you should get evaluated by a doctor to see what is going on.
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I am going to a urologist next week, right now my penis is burning and my toes as well, I am taking valores that seems to help the burning. It is such a coincidence, if with so many herpes symptoms, what else could it be?
Did you mean Valtrex? Just an FYI, taking an antiviral med can impact your testing. Antivirals stop viral replication, or at least slow it down, which could give a blood test a false negative. I know the coincidence is what is easily focused on but bumps that don’t change and burning for a month, doesn’t jive with how hsv seems to work.
Yes Valtrex, how long should I be off before I get tested again, I also have a lot of leg and foot nerve pain
I've had an irritated clit that seems to have cuts/tears for over a month now, and have also felt some leg and back pain. I'm worried it's herpes as well. Because I hear every ones symptoms can be different. And last different amounts of time.
Just an update, I tested negative for job 2 ugh 0.06 and positive for hsv 1 18.0, I have had cold sores on my mouth same location in the past, I want to feel this is herpes have had a burning near the head of my penis for at least three months, could this still be genital herpes?
I had another have test at 26 weeks results were the same hsv2 0.6 and hsv1 18.5 ( have had cold sores on my lips for years, should I still be worried about herpes, could I not have any antibodies? I still have an almost constant burning in the urethra. Thankyou
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