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Herpes symtoms past 8 months reports negative ...

Helloo I am from India...got body to body massage..
Which was nude .she came on me and start rubbing her vagina on  my penis shaft  and scrotum this last for less than 30 seconds...I immediately stop this . Later I hugged him and she got over my lap...I turned her down and then masturbate between her breasts...
And ejaculate...what are the chances of catching herpes from this event..no penetration and oral was done at any stage...after 50 days of incident..my penis became red and itching starts later use clobetasol but it didn't help...apply coconut oil..later got bumps on my penis glans..and 2 yellow color ulcer developed..it's was all painless ...with mild stinging and itch present ...the ulcers heals in 6-7 hours..later again small bums appear ...I applied antifungal it again goes ...after that again it comes...this process goes around 2 months...but ulcer only occur  at once.. checked hsv 2 igg specific test at 6 months was negative less than 0.500
Again after 2 months..hsv 1+2 igg done negative less than 0.500
One done doc told it is herpes but it's not showing in blood...kindly tell what are my chances to catch herpes from this scenerio..??
I m tensed always...
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I can't put a number or percentage on your scenario but you certainly could contact herpes from the encounter you described. There doesn't need to be penetration for herpes to be passed, simply rubbing genitals can be enough, and one doesn't even need to be exhibiting symptoms. From the symptoms you describe and test results it sounds like you're dealing with something else. Next time you have symptoms go and get checked.
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I just want to ask ..as already experts says...that symtoms of primary herpes can appear between 3-21 days...but I didn't have that...I got my symtoms mild itching after 50 days and bums and ulcer appear after 65 days...at present also I have irritated and redness of penis on and off...some says it is balanitis some say herpes ..I don't know what to do...can my test be false positive as it was combo test after 8 months and hsv2 specific test after 6 months?
Symptoms can appear anytime after 3 days, be it day 3 or 10 years later. Symptoms can also be so mild an outbreak is mistaken for something else. I will say, HSV ulcers don't heal in a few hours or even a day. From what I've experienced and read about it takes days for an ulcer to go through its life cycle, at best 3-4 days. I would ask for a Western Blot test, or the next time you have ulcers go get them swabbed and cultured.
I would say your chances are low. I would advise you to stop self-treatment and avoid any harsh soaps or chemicals. Wear boxers or loose fitting underwear if possible and try to take it easy for a few days. If things flair up then go get seen.
Thanks Chris ..Actually I still have redness on penis on and off... And tight foreskin on and off and there is always tingling sensation everyday since 9 months now ..have taken antibiotics but still no results   .can herpes continue this much long ...I always check my genitals again and again because of anxiety and fear...because of this my foreskin has also became irritated...
When there was 1 st outbreaks it was on glans only but now my foreskin is also getting involved...help me out how can I get rid of this
I m postponing my marriage because of this...
Do u really think I need western blot ..
In my country there is no facility for this procedure..
Can my tests be wrong??
Any one else can give ur suggestions I will be really thankful...but please get me out of this thanks..
In theory, you can get herpes from rubbing, but it takes a lot of rubbing and grinding  - friction, really - to transmit it. Usually, it takes the kind of friction involved in penetration to transmit.

30 seconds of rubbing probably won't transmit. You can get symptoms at anytime, but the time frame in which they healed is not indicative of herpes. Herpes sores take at least a week to heal - not hours.

By 6 weeks, 70% of people will test positive. By 12 weeks, the rest will.

If you test again in a month, you'll know for sure, but I really doubt this is herpes.
I'm sorry - I missed that you tested at 6 months - or 8 months, I'm not sure of the timing. That's definitely conclusive.
Yaa I have tested specific hsv2 igg at 6 months..
And hsv 1+2 igg combo test at 8 months..they were clear negative..
Worry was only that I still have redness and irritated foreskin on and off ..rest I don't have any kind of symptoms...thanks for helping me..!!
Your symptoms could be balanitis, a fungal infection, or a host of other things. See your doctor to find out.

Good luck to you. :)
Thanks alot...this conversation with u means alot for me..god bless u..take care..
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