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Herpes treatment- Peppermint capsules

I've had some bad bouts this year of genital herpes after doing a fair bit of cycling. I know menthol and peppermint can help but since taking a peppermint tablet, once a day, has stopped any further attacks for the last month. I have had this for over a decade and have got aciclovir tablets for it. The Quacks don't like me using it as it's the last known pill for it. The peppermint oil pills seems better than the aciclovir though. Colpermin in good as I don't get reflux with it. Not a cure but not a bad option. :)
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Just an update I think I got Post-herpetic neuralgia now. No skin rash or anything but feeling like a flu like symptoms and pain in certain muscle areas, neck and back. Skin is also feeling sore to the touch a bit like flu. No visible signs of infection though. Think peppermint oil is helping on that score though. Zero infections in months :)
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