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Herpes trigger foods???


Hi there I wanted to ask you a question, I have hsv1 as you may already know, I was diagnosed new year eve.  I am taking 500mg of Valtrex daily and 1250mg l-lysine daily.  I have some questions regarding so called trigger foods.  I do not eat alot of sugar, I do have a bowl of cereal one bowl every night.  Could be apple jacks, rice krispies whatever, but that is usually the only excess sugar i eat.  I do drink some coffee, but I use more decaffinated and mix just alitle caffeine coffee just to prevent any headaches from withdrawals.  I do eat light wheat bread at leat 2 serving a day and try to eat a yogurt every morning.  Fat free of course.  Now here is my question, I am reading on other sites about trigger foods and everything I like is a possible trigger, like my cereal which has oat flour and rice krispies which is high in arginine.  I am reading that list and if I follow that I could never eat right again without triggering an OB??  I am also making a trip this July to Germany with my Mom to visit our family, everything over there is bad for you.  They love chocolate, they eat alot of sausages and I know I have to avoid it now, they do not have all the fat free sugar free foods we do here, please what is your suggestion on this matter.  I am so paranoid I feel like I must starve myself or go through another hellish outbreak.  Plus, sorry its so long, but my Primary outbreak was about 7-8weeks ago and I still have some soreness where the sores once were and I look at myself at leat 8 times aday just to make sure there is no sores to be seen, which there is not.  The area that had my ulcers, is still alittle more red than the other skin areas.  I had open ulcers that never scarred, they just formed new skin once i started using zovirax cream on them.  Could this be scar tissue that is bothering me?  I know they say they do not scar, but I am telling you my sores were very deep and open>  Sorry for the graphic nature, just wanted to be detailed so that maybe you could better help me.  Thanks grace!!
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sorry I have hsv1 genitally.  Dont know if that helps any:))
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I don't think there's any evidence that foods trigger outbreaks. Because your type 1 is genital, you should statistically have fewer outbreaks than those with type 2 anyway, on balance. So you can eat whatever you want and it won't affect your herpes. What's up with the lysine? Isn't that a bogus "treatment?" I was under the impression there were no decent studies indicating lysine was helpful.

You might want to back off on the carbs, though. Wheat bread and Rice Krispies? Grains aren't any good for you, but that's just my opinion. I follow a low carb diet and you couldn't pay me enough to eat grains. There's nothing health-promoting about grains. All complex carbs are broken down in your body the same way as refined carbs and simple sugars. So it's all the same to your body.
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I have read that lysine helps prevent outbreaks.  So I take it for my peace of min I guess, so tell me what type  of bread to you suggest, and what types of cereal are good for me, I try not to completely cut all sugar out.  I walk 5 miles daily with my dog and do winsor pilates, so I figure I can have some sugar??  I guess maybe I am trying to get to much info on this virus and for someone like me who worries about everything alittle knowledge could be deadlY  :))  I just need some info I like cereal and everytime I read the label, it has something the food trigger list says I cant have!  Thanks Take care friend!
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You already take Valtrex. Why would you piggyback lysine on top of that? You're wasting your money on it.

I've never understood how knowledge can be "deadly." Knowledge is empowering. Knowing that lysine is completely ineffective in treating herpes would save you money. Knowing that foods don't trigger outbreaks would save you emotional grief about what to eat.

The "food trigger" list? There are no foods that trigger outbreaks. Eat whatever you want. You might want to stop mainlining the sugar, though. Cereals are full of it. Carbs are not necessary for any function except perhaps if you are training for a triathlon or a marathon, you can add some back in to fuel your workouts. For a daily walk, you don't need any.
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Thanks for the info.  I did not mean that knowledge is deadly in a bad way, For me,  Little Miss worry Wart, it can sometimes become overwhelming and then play trick with my emotional well being.  I know this has always been a problem for me even before herpes!!  But tell me something why is there so many web sites that stress watching certain foods you eat and supplementing lysine.  I know it is probably all to make a buck off the people desparetly trying to make themselves feel better and to avoid outbreaks at any cost.  And that is where my problem lies, In my mind I want to stop an outbreak at any cost so I do what they say.  I know it sound foolish, and I am a smart women(but this virus has taken me for a ride) and I do not always think clearly.  Thanks again, you have been a great source of information and  need all I can get!  TAke care
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Oh just for your info, there is a website called Herpes and cold sores and they are the ones that tell you how much lysine is good to prevent ob and the food trigger list, maybe go there and take a look if you like.  That is where most of my info has come from.
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