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A few weeks ago I kissed another guy and gave him oral. About 24 hours ago I noticed about 4 red spots on the roof of my mouth. There is no pain and there are not bumps. Wondering if this could possibly be herpes? After noticing red spots how long would bumps appear if it were herpes?
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Hi, you dont get herpes sores 24 hours after. Once the virus enters the nerve, it multiplies, travels the nerve to the spine and back up. Takes at least a few days for this to occur so from what your seeing really would not be herpes related. Most likely just an irritation from the act itself. If your stressed out then see a doc and have them swabbed and a pcr test performed.
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Thanks for the response. But the act occurred about 2 weeks ago, its the red spots are what I noticed 24hrs ago.
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Most often contracting herpes from oral sex or even kissing, the sores would be on the lips not the roof of the mouth with a primary outbreak. If he did not have any penis sores or lip sores at the time, the risk is quite low as well. Really does not appear herpes related.
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