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Earlier this evening I noticed a red bump at the base of the shaft of my penis near my pubic hairs (there were some pubic hairs growing around the bump). It was red in color, but no pus and it wasn't painful or itchy. I squeezed the bump thinking it was just a pimple or ingrown hair, but there was no hair underneath and a clear liquid came out. I'm so terrified that this is herpes, I don't know what to do. Please help. Thank you
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Hi, if your sexually active the only way to confirm herpes is to have the sore swabbed for area specific or a blood test for herpes in general. Since you squezzed it open, if no other bumps appear in the immediate area in a cluster type formation in  a day or so then it would not appear herpes related.
When a herpes sore is open it releases the virus to spread.
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The only recent sexual activity I can think of was receiving oral from a man who I'm almost positive is clean. I sometimes perform oral, but. I never receive an ejaculation in my mouth for this specific reason, and I always ALWAYS check my partner's penis or vagina for any sort of sore or bump and I've never seen any.
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