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Ive had unprotective sex june 13 2014 i was okay after that my body was normal a month later in august the second week i started itching the sulcus of my penis was and the buttocks around the anal was to so then it lasted for 2weeks but it stopped so a week after that i had a pus sore on my sulcus and two small bumps on the head of penis then two,more grew,in a line ten they turne in to sores but now there not there anymore ive gave her oraç but didnt have any lip sores i did not have blister just one singleulcer skin color the small bumps sometimes turn they look like they had really really small whole on thetop of them like i stuck a very small needle inthem but plz tell me this is not herpes
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Hi and welcome. Only testing would confirm if you have herpes. Does what your describing appear as herpes from the recent affair? No it does not. First time sores would appear  at point of contact like your penis shaft or pubic mound area not your butt or anus also having sores appear on your penis head is not common at all as ive read that some doctors have never seen them appear there. It was a bit hard to follow your english  but i hope i  addressed your concerns.
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Thank you and im sorry autotype
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