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Why do people mostly get cold sores on the outside of the mouth lip area? Is blisters on the lip inside the mouth a different type of HSV? I only see posts that talk about cold sores outside of the mouth..
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Also, last time I kissed the girl I was dating had no outbreaks and that was 5-6 weeks ago. Not sure why, 5-6 weeks later I have an outbreak I've never had before when doctors say mostly 2-12 days after infection you should see outbreaks anything after words you should not be infected. I'm confused
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No need to be confused here. The majority of the population has HSV1 from their youth. Many do not experience outbreaks or experience them very rarely, years apart.

The cold sores appear mainly on the lips as the skin is highly sensitive there with nerve ending close to the skin's surface. The skin often becomes compromised due to dryness, sunburn etc. They are usually the nerve endings that were initially infected as well.

Sores inside the mouth are very difficult to diagnose. They usually are not related to herpes so unless a swab was taken you'd doubt whether they were.
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Oh okay great, thank you very much for the response fleetwood. So it is very hard to distinguish who has HSV or not. Pretty much inevitable to get away from? I'm guessing you are saying many people have the virus and do not show outbreaks or symptoms?
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Exactly right, nothing much to worry about at all.
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Sorry fleetwood, one last question.  If I have one outbreak is there a chance I could not have anymore? I read something about that. Since some never show symptoms at all. I just got herpes from the girl I was dating until she cheated on me... :/  I only had a blister on my lip inside my mouth not outside and didn't hurt like others say it does.
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I'm finding it difficult to understand where you are coming from.

What you had inside your lip may, or may not be related to HSV1.

If it is related to HSV1 then you've most probably had the infection since your youth.

You did not get herpes from this girl you kissed nor does her cheating have any relevance.
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